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uros islands lake titicaca

Tour to Uros & Taquile Islands - Titicaca Lake By Speed Boat

  • Duration

    Full Day /

  • Price per person



MAX. ALTITUDE 13,615ft.





  • Puno
  • Titicaca Lake
  • Taquile
  • Uros

With the Uros & Taquile Islands, you will discover the best of the Titicaca Lake just in one day. Come with us and let yourself be captivated by the magic of the Peruvian Andes

Tour Map

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These activities are a walk in the park! You will be able to enjoy the scenery, history, and time with loved ones without exhausting yourself. You do not need any special training, gear, or acclimatization for an “Easy” trek or tour. Terrain will be generally flat and comfortable, highly traveled.


A step up from “Easy,” these tours require a little more physical effort but are still 100% manageable to anyone with or without adventure experience. Again, you do not need special training, gear, or acclimatization for a “Mild” trek or tour. Terrain is generally flat but with possible gentle up- and downhills.


Before embarking on a “Moderate” trek or tour, you should be at least partly acclimatized to the high altitude of the Andes as it affects your oxygenation, energy levels, and hydration. These tours are still very manageable without special training as long as you have spent a day or two at high altitude. Terrain often includes moderate up- and downhill walking with possible rough patches or infrequently-traveled sections.


“Challenging” treks or tours require that you are acclimated to the Andes’ high altitude before leaving as it affects your oxygenation, energy levels, and hydration. Spending 2-3 days or more at high altitude will help you on the trek. You will need hiking shoes and possibly trekking poles for these treks. You will need to be in good physical shape, and it’s recommended that you train at least some beforehand, possibly with running, biking, or strenuous workout videos. Terrain is often rough, sometimes with steep up- and downhills and often not highly traveled. Generally, these last several hours.


These “Formidable” treks are our most difficult treks and require serious effort but are also the most rewarding. It is necessary to be in pristine physical condition. Again, you must be acclimated to the Andes’ high altitude before leaving as it affects your oxygenation, energy levels, and hydration. Spending 4-5 days or more if possible at high altitude will help you on the trek. You will need hiking shoes and possibly trekking poles for these treks. It is important to train physically before these treks so that your body is prepared for the strenuous nature of the trip. Generally, these last at least an entire day in infrequently-traveled areas with rough paths.


Full Day Tour to Uros & Taquile Islands – Titicaca Lake By Speed Boat

The Full-Day Tour to Uros & Taquile Islands – Titicaca Lake By Speed Boat, will take you on an impressive journey through the sacred Lake Titicaca. Certainly, the advantage of this wonderful tour is that the time spent on traveling is reduced to less than half. Therefore, allowing more time to enjoy the islands.

Likewise, we also take less frequented routes whereby personal encounters with local families and weavers can be enjoyed. So, you will be able to appreciate the elaboration of the famous textiles of TAQUILE. As well as hear from the weavers themselves the interpretation of their culture and their tradition of everyday life. Come with us to discover the wonders of Lake Titicaca!

  • Duration: 08 hours



Our departure to Tour to Uros & Taquile Islands starts at 7:30 am from your hotel. So, we will be directed to a private transport towards the dock or main port. At 7:45 am, we start the trip to the floating islands of the Uros. Currently considered the National Reserve of Lake Titicaca – also known as the highest navigable lake in the world. During, the trip you will be able to observe a beautiful panoramic view, landscape. Likewise, our expert guide will inform you about the existence of the floating Islands of the Uros.

At present, the people of the Uros still maintain their own culture and tradition. For example, as well as artisanal fishing, especially the (CARACHI) and the pejerrey. Consequently, when fishing is abundant, fish are kept dry in the sun. Also, they are dedicated to the hunting of wild birds and the collection of duck eggs. Similarly, there are 75 islands that live today, and every island is well organized. Then, after a long and beautiful visit, you will say goodbye to the Uros. Our next visit will be the natural island of TAQUILE.


Firstly, to get to our next visit in our tour to Uros Taquile islands tour, we will sail by boat for 2 hours and a half, to the natural Taquile Island. During the navigation, you will be able to observe the mountain chain (the royal mountain range). So, the people of Taquile very cooperative and well organized. Therefore, the Taquileños have demonstrated their high degree of advancement in the Textileria, receiving its award by the UNESCO. It should be noted that spinning and weaving are mainly done by men. Women only make yarns and fabrics.

Certainly, life in Taquile is still largely unchanged by modernity. The visit will be an average of 2 hours, and 1 hour you will have to taste a delicious typical lunch. Likewise, if you would like to support and be a part of this community, you may voluntarily collaborate by buying some of their crafts. So, doing so allows this community some means of sustainability, and in that way, they are able to continue sharing their culture and existence in the times to come. Finally, we will continue to make our way towards the city of Puno, arriving at 17:00 hours.

VERY IMPORTANT: This tour starts at your hotel when we pick you up and will end at your hotel when we leave it.

What´s Included


  • Pick-up, hotel – harbor – hotel
  • Guide service.
  • All admissión tickets.
  • Motorboat (speedy boat)
  • Pre- Briefing.
  • 01 lunch in Taquile Island


  • Travel insurance
  • Tips
  • Extra expenses

WHAT TO BRING (Uros Taquile Islands Tour):

  • Water
  • Snack
  • Camera
  • Light jacket
  • Comfortable clothes for ziplining
  • Shoes other than sandals (sandals are not permitted!)


Inkayni Peru Tours offers DAILY DEPARTURES, as long as we have a minimum of 2 people.

Group Service: US$50 per person 


MAY 2021
JUNE 2021
JULY 2021

Departure Dates

Uros Taquile Islands Tour Departure Dates:

  • Above all, we offer daily departures for the Uros islands lake Titicaca.
  • Also, you can check our more than +1000 reviews on TripAdvisor


  • For the pick up of the Uros Taquile islands tour, it is in the morning at 07:00 – 07:30 am.
  • Most importantly, you can check it our Terms & Conditions
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Full Day Tour to Uros & Taquile Islands - Titicaca Lake By Speed Boat
USD 50
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