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Introduction to Mistical Packages

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Many cultures here in the Andes flourished for thousands of years due to the wisdom and importance given towards the well-being of the individual-family-community. And the deep respect for Mother Nature and how the human element can thrive in Her web of life

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Introduction to Sacred Travel & Mystical Packages

Introduction to Sacred Travel & Mystical Packages

Sacred Travel & Spiritual tours: Our team at Inkayni recognizes the importance of the art of living well, the essence of walking in a sacred manner just as the wise ancestors of the Andes did. The art of living that honors existence, that celebrates creation and the gift of life. That gives thanks and praise, and that gives strength and effort towards personal growth and transformation; to opening up space and experience that promotes self-realization. Transcending our limitations and breaking new ground to reveal our infinite gifts and potential as individual flowers and manifestations of One divine consciousness. Here in the Andes, with a stunning natural landscape and a rich history of culture, science and wisdom. It’s no wonder why people are called here from all corners of the globe. Yet few are those pilgrims who come searching, who come called to a higher purpose on a walkabout through the Andes.

This ancient science continues to be disregarded in modern society and its effects are obvious. We are destroying both on a personal level our only physical vessel and on a collective level our only home and source of sustenance, the Earth. Healing and self-realization are not only possible – they are fully available to those who feel the calling. The tools, or medicines as we prefer to call them, left behind by the ancients. And still practiced by many today are here to serve us as amazing potential for personal transformation and thus the potential to change the current state of humanity’s existential crisis.

First, let us introduce you more into our sacred space and sacred time of the nature of these journeys. Sacred Travel seeks to guide the individual through the recognition of one’s true nature, and therefore the nature of the cosmos (as below, so above; as within, so without) through a process of experiences. We believe that it is just a question of remembering, for it is part of our origins, engrained into our being. Some call this Cosmovision. With this memory awakened, with our consciousness enlightening and our awareness tuned-in, we then have the tools to coexist and thrive with all of Creation, bringing more fullness into our lives. Recognizing our origins and the natural cosmic law that is (not that we create), we may discover how to flow as part of the web of life (not above or superior to it) and promote well-being throughout our life and beyond. For us, this cosmovision is global and was shared by many ancient cultures. As applied in the Andes, it only takes into account aspects of the natural world and landscape that surrounds us, such as the geographic expressions and also the footsteps left by the ancestors.

We would like to offer something different for those looking to head off the beaten path, for those looking for support in life, and for those hungry for a deeper experience and understanding of our true human nature. These experiences will be personally tailored to fit the individuals’ needs or interests. From our deepest passion and profound respect to our ancestors, as guides of the Andean medicine path we are privileged to offer you this journey. In these journeys, we will visit the best sacred sites or places of power that seek to assist and support us through our experiences. Spiritual tours.

Sacred Travel Ceremonies with Wachuma (San Pedro)

This ancestral plant medicine has thousands of years of use in the Andes, supporting dozens of cultures from Colombia all the way through the Andes to northern Argentina and Chile. This medicine is pure unconditional Love, the Love that created the entire Universe and continues to create each day, and the Love that we also are as children of the Universe. This master plant guides us within through the realms of our inner-consciousness and also assists us in the recognition of our place in the Cosmos and the profound connection we have with Mother Earth, bringing us closer to her heart and her embrace and ready to receive all the support and blessings she has for us. It helps us cleanse and heal our imbalances and energetic blockages to manifest greater health and vitality; to liberate through the powerful medicine of forgiveness those experiences from the past that may have caused (or still cause) trauma, pain, and suffering in the present, limiting our true nature to continually reinvent and recreate ourselves each day, living in the pure innocence of the eternal child, in wonder of the miracle of each new dawn. Wachuma acts as a mirror where we may observe our habits, conditionings, and beliefs to see whether or not they really serve us or if we need them, as well as to recognize the limitations of the ego and how to liberate ourselves from its control while bringing deeper clarity and calm into our minds. Through this sacred space and sacred time in ceremony with Wachuma, we return back to Source, back to our origins as pure love, creative potential, and possibility, living in abundance and flourishing and human beings in the dance of creation.

Spiritual Tours Ceremonies of Karpay & Offerings

Karpay is the ancient ritual of initiation through the blessing of receiving one or more of the four elements (water, air, fire, earth) to assist a specific aspect of one’s spiritual journey or to receive more strength and vitality from the creations primal energies.

Offerings are another ancestral ceremony that expresses deep gratitude towards the pillars of Creation and all the gods, beings, spirits, etc that support our existence (Pachamama, the Apus or sacred mountain deities, spirits of the elements). Offerings also give us an opportunity to express our prayers and intentions, to manifest in our lives that which we need to flourish. Offerings release a huge amount of energy that can be directed towards healing, projects or initiatives,

The following packages are available:


If you wish to modify any package of spiritual tours or add days to visit any of our alternative destinations and participate in additional Andean ceremonies in these non-commercial sites, please consult with us through email and we will arrange and organize it to your liking!

Why take this tour with us?

Inkayni Peru Tours is continually working to become one of the most responsible tour operators in Peru. We ideally try to keep our groups to a limit of 10 persons. Therefore, since we fully operate all of our treks, we have complete control over the quality of our service. Therefore, we want to make sure that you have a great experience on all our treks and tours.

Above all, it is also crucial that all the people involved in the operation of our services are treated and taken care of properly, and that the benefits brought by tourism are shared throughout the Peruvian communities.

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