Cusco Tour at Night: Planetarium, Dinner & Pisco Sour

Half Day


3,380 m.

MAX. ALTITUDE 3,380 m.




PRICE $ 85


These activities are a walk in the park! You will be able to enjoy the scenery, history, and time with loved ones without exhausting yourself. You do not need any special training, gear, or acclimatization for an “Easy” trek or tour. Terrain will be generally flat and comfortable, highly traveled.


A step up from “Easy,” these tours require a little more physical effort but are still 100% manageable to anyone with or without adventure experience. Again, you do not need special training, gear, or acclimatization for a “Mild” trek or tour. Terrain is generally flat but with possible gentle up- and downhills.


Before embarking on a “Moderate” trek or tour, you should be at least partly acclimatized to the high altitude of the Andes as it affects your oxygenation, energy levels, and hydration. These tours are still very manageable without special training as long as you have spent a day or two at high altitude. Terrain often includes moderate up- and downhill walking with possible rough patches or infrequently-traveled sections.


“Challenging” treks or tours require that you are acclimated to the Andes’ high altitude before leaving as it affects your oxygenation, energy levels, and hydration. Spending 2-3 days or more at high altitude will help you on the trek. You will need hiking shoes and possibly trekking poles for these treks. You will need to be in good physical shape, and it’s recommended that you train at least some beforehand, possibly with running, biking, or strenuous workout videos. Terrain is often rough, sometimes with steep up- and downhills and often not highly traveled. Generally, these last several hours.


These “Formidable” treks are our most difficult treks and require serious effort but are also the most rewarding. It is necessary to be in pristine physical condition. Again, you must be acclimated to the Andes’ high altitude before leaving as it affects your oxygenation, energy levels, and hydration. Spending 4-5 days or more if possible at high altitude will help you on the trek. You will need hiking shoes and possibly trekking poles for these treks. It is important to train physically before these treks so that your body is prepared for the strenuous nature of the trip. Generally, these last at least an entire day in infrequently-traveled areas with rough paths.


Cusco Tour at Night: Planetarium, Dinner & Pisco Sour. This tour takes place during part of the afternoon and the Cusco night; you will visit the most important traditional market of Cusco. At night, you will visit the astronomical viewpoint closest to the city of Cusco to nurture culture and enjoy a stellar show that you will never forget. Finally, you will return to the city where you will taste the Peruvian flag drink, Pisco Sour. Then, at a local restaurant known as Polleria, you will taste one of the champion dishes of Peruvian cuisine: A juicy Grilled Chicken accompanied by an Inka Kola. Dare to live a different experience in a Cusco night full of Peruvian culture and flavor.


  • We will start the tour by picking you up from your hotel located in Cusco downtown. Then we’ll move to the traditional market of San Pedro, where we’ll find local people and tourists. San Pedro traditional market houses numerous food stalls, with entire sections dedicated exclusively to fruit juices and juices, snacks, and prepared meals. Here you will appreciate the daily activities of the inhabitants as if you were one of them. Also, you’ll know about the local products that are sold here.
  • Later we will be transported to the Cusco Planetarium, located 15 minutes from the city. Here we will learn about how the Incas interpreted the constellations. We will visit the dome to enjoy an incredible projection of the starry sky where we can observe the official constellations, as well as the Inca constellations and all the stories behind them. To end our visit and according to the weather conditions, we will be able to observe numerous stars, nebulas, planets, and the most important constellations of the skies of the Southern Hemisphere, thanks to professional telescopes.
  • Finally, after visiting the planetarium, we will return to the center of Cusco to taste a drink prepared with exquisite Peruvian Pisco. Made from grapes, it has an excellent quality that is at the level of international distillates such as tequila and whiskey. Precisely, based on this liquor, the delicious Pisco Sour is prepared, a cocktail that is recognized as a symbol of Peru. After tasting the Pisco Sour, prepare to visit a Polleria, family and informal restaurants where one of the champion dishes of Peruvian cuisine is served: the iconic Pollo a la Brasa. This roasted chicken is golden brown, juicy, cooked to perfection, and is the perfect size to enjoy each piece of its soft meat, full of secret flavors that are the product of a wise combination of spices and other flavors. As a companion drink during your dinner, you will have the most recognized soda in Peru worldwide: “Inka Kola.”
  • We will finish the tour walking through the Plaza de Armas (the main square), which is illuminated at night and looks at the statue of Pachacutec Inka.



  • Professional Tour Guide
  • Round trip transportation
  • Entrance fees
  • Dinner

Does not include:

  • Tips for your crew
  • Any other service not mentioned

Things to Bring


  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Warm jacket
  • Toiletries and hand sanitizer
  • Personal medication
  • Camera and film



****Daily Departure with at least 02 people****

02 or More People US$ 85.00


We offer small groups, not more than ten people. Roundtrip transportation is available to and from most centrally located Cusco hotels. Please arrange pickup from your hotel or a nearby location when you call to confirm your reservation.

Why Us?


Inkayni Peru Tours is working continuously to become one of Peru’s most responsible tour operators. Ideally, we try to keep our groups to a limit of 10 people. Since we entirely operate all of our treks, we have complete control over the quality of our service. We want to make sure that you have a great experience in all of our treks and tours.

It is also crucial that everyone involved in the operation of our services is adequately treated and cared for, and that the benefits brought by tourism are shared throughout the Peruvian communities. We now employ professional Peruvian guides (all bilingual), and local porters – the majority of whom have worked with us for over 02 years. All of our porters are picked from one of two mountain villages: Amaru (in the mountains behind Pisac), Cuper Alto (a small community beside Lake Piuray near Chinchero). Since the start, all of our porters have been given free sleeping bags, rain ponchos, backpacks, and suitable shoes. All of our porters sleep in a communal tent that has a waterproof floor, and they have access to any first aid equipment if necessary. We have provided free life insurance to ALL of our Inca Trail porters. We hope that the protection won’t be needed, but it should provide our porters and families with security in the event of an accident. We don’t consider these items to be luxuries or any special treatment; we consider them to be the absolute minimum requirements for treating our porters fairly and as fellow human beings. Despite the fact that these men are working very hard to make a living, we try to make their time as enjoyable as possible, along with the guarantee that our porters are respected, paid somewhat (above & beyond the accordance with the Porters Law and requirements set down by the Ministry of Labor) and have warm & dry accommodation and plenty of nutritious hot meals to eat. Although many other trekking companies will tell you this, few companies act to care for their porters genuinely.


Any day that is best for you as long as we have a minimum of 2 trekkers


Small Groups anywhere between 2 – 10 people, to keep your experience unique and assure personalized attention.

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