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The Magic of the Andes invites you to celebrate this World!

Inkayni Peru Tours is a family business initiative aimed at offering quality touring services based on international standards in tourism. Our work aims to practice sustainable tourism, to promote the responsible use of natural and cultural resources, and to focus on operations that improve the quality of life for local populations, strengthening their social, environmental, cultural and economic development.

Our company is different in that we value the importance of revealing the truly historic, cultural and spiritual legacy left by our ancestors. We serve as the perfect bridge between the visitor and the Andean world with an excellent business image as well as an unbounded passion for our Andean heritage.

We are dedicated to promoting the natural and cultural heritage of Peru and committed to conserving it. We guarantee personal attention for our clients through the elaboration of innovative services and products, tailored for each customer using the latest technologies. We are a well-trained team, highly motivated and fully identified with our company.

Our exceptional and fully capacitated staff:

Edgar, Alex, and Percy are spiritual brothers, natives of the town of Chinchero, united by the ambition of offering personalized services of great quality and aiming to make every experience unique and unforgettable, only available through Inkayni Peru Tours. We invite you to go back in time and to relive the true magic of our Andean World.

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