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Inca Trail Permits and Availability

If you have already decided to hike one of the world’s famous treks, the Inca Trail, you may wonder what is needed to start this trek. Doing some research will help a lot. However, after checking many articles and blogs, you may feel overwhelmed with what they say. Although it is true that permits and spots are sold out fast especially in the high season, with some planning in advance you will be able to hike this famous trek in less than you think.

The Inca Trail is considered one of the best treks in the world. Due to its popularity permits are sold out really fast. 

Since 2002, access to the Inca Trail has been limited to 500 people per day (roughly split between 200 tourists and 300 accompanying guides and porters), no matter the time of year. This means it is necessary for everyone to obtain permits in advance to do the hike.

Securing a permit is only possible with an approved tour provider, who buys these daily permits in advance. This means that you can only do the Inca Trail with an approved tour company like Inkayni Peru tours.

Important Note:

The permits are non-transferable and non-refundable. Once a permit is bought it has to be paid and no changes can be made after securing a permit. Even if you cancel, the Peruvian Culture Ministry will not free a spot.

Inkayni Peru tours recommend booking your Inca Trail 5 or 6 months in advance. Once booked your permit, make sure the tour operator you choose sends you a copy of your permit. This way you will avoid any unpleasant situation.

Camino Inca

Inca trail

According to the Sustainable Tourism Using Regulations of the Inca Trail Network of the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu in its Article 10 states that:

  • For ecological recovery reasons, the tourist use of the Inca Trail Network is forbidden in February every year.
  • For preservation or restoration purposes, some restriction or closing periods of the Inca Trail Network will be established. In this case, the UGM will inform the visitors in advance.

Inca Trail

Inkayni Tips: To avoid any inconvenience, it is better to book the Inca Trail with a reliable tourist agency. Inkayni Peru tours will be more than happy to assist step by step until you return home. For more information, visit our website: www.inkayniperutours.com.

Camino Inca Tradicional

Traditional Inca Trail

How long can you stay in the Inca Trail?

  1. Once inside the Inca Trail Network, the visitor shall not exceed the stay on the established road for more time than indicated on the entrance ticket, except in fortuitous or force major duly proved cases.
  2. Your stay on the site runs from the moment the visitor registers his entrance into the Inca Trail Network, at the control and surveillance point of the HSM.

What document do you need to start the Inca trail?

According to article 13, all users of the Inca Trail must identify themselves with their original ID documents or passports and register their entry at the control point of the SERNANP and DDC- Cusco.


What equipment is required for agencies and guides to take on the trek?

  • Backpacks*
  • Sleeping bags*
  • Isolators or Mattress*
  • Tents*
  • First aid kit*
  • Oxygen tank*
  • Propane gas portable stove
  • Non-elastic rescue cords (09 mm of diameter)
  • Location maps of the Inca Trail Network*
  • Filters for water*
  • Appropriate containers for solid waste disposal (Black, white, green and red bags)

*Authorized guides should carry this equipment.

The backpack you carry is optional. It is recommendable a 25 Lt backpack to enter Machu Picchu, though. Pack light!

Prohibited and restricted items: 

  • Firearms, bows and arrows, hunting and fishing gear, axes, mountain knives, pickaxes, shovels or other tools.
  • Any kind of trap used to capture fauna specimens.
  • Fossil fuels, such as kerosene, diesel oil, gasoline.
  • Alcoholic beverages, stimulants, psychotropics, and other drugs not allowed by the current national legislation.
  • Beverages and products in glass containers.
  • Sound equipment and other noise generators.
  • Domestic animals and exotic species.
  • Walking sticks with a metallic point without rubber protection or sticks made of local native wood.
  • Vehicles, such as bicycles, tricycles or others.
  • Drones or any type of flying device and professional filming equipment for unauthorized commercial purposes.


  • It is not allowed to walk around in the Inca Trail from 18:00 to 05:00
  • Don’t forget to tip the porters. Although it is not mandatory, they will appreciate it.

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill

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