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Where does the Inca Trail start?│Where does Short Inca trail start?

Where does the Inca Trail to Machupicchu begin? The Inca Trail is one of the 5 best trekking routes in the world, because reaching the Wonder of the World, Machupicchu, through a different route crossing mountains, enjoying the landscape, the sky, the climate, the flora, the fauna and other factors make this route an incredible experience, full of positive energy due to the contact with nature. Now, join us to know where the Inca Trail to Machupicchu begins.

¿Dónde empieza el Camino Inca a Machupicchu?

General information about the Inca Trail to Machupicchu:

Before knowing where the Inca Trail to Machupicchu starts, it is necessary to know the highest altitude you will be at, temperature, climate and what is the difficulty of trekking you will do, the latter will depend on the tour you choose, Short Inca Trail or Classic (Traditional) Trail.

The tours to the Inca Trail to Machupicchu vary in the time of stay and walk, for example, the Short Inca Trail will last 2 days, 1 night and in our agency we give you the option of being able to make the tour privately or in group. Regarding the Classic or Traditional Inca Trail, it will have a duration of 4 days and 3 nights, with the same options, private or group tour.

What is the altitude to do the Inca Trail to Machupicchu?

The highest altitude you will be at depends on the tour you choose:

  • Inca Trail to Machupicchu Short, maximum altitude is 2 730 m.a.s.l / 8 956 Ft.
  • Inca Trail to Machupicchu Classic or Traditional, maximum altitude 4 200m.a.s.l. / 13 779 ft.

What is the group size to do the Inca Trail to Machupicchu?

If you decided to do the tour in the group option, Inkayni Peru Tours prefers to group its passengers between 2 to 8 people per group regardless of the tour you choose. The trekking team will always be under the supervision of highly trained guides to perform the Inca Trail and thus guarantee the service of our agency, because we know that the experience that our passengers take with them is the most important thing.

What is the activity level for the Inca Trail to Machupicchu?

The level of activity for the Inca Trail to Machupicchu will also depend on the chosen tour:

Inca Trail to Machupicchu short, the walking time to be done for this tour the level is moderate. However, for both tours it is suggested to work on your physical performance at least 4 to 6 months before starting the trip.

Inca Trail to Machupicchu Classic or Traditional, the level of trekking will vary from moderate to difficult. Therefore, in addition to having good physical performance, it is suggested to carry a backpack with really necessary things, so you can enjoy the hike without inconveniences.

Where does the Inca Trail start?

The objective of hiking the Inca Trail is to reach Machupicchu by a different route than the traditional one in which you take a train and a bus to reach the citadel of the Incas. In this opportunity, you will be able to enjoy the scenery for a longer time and of course the contact with nature. In that sense, it is recommended that every traveler should know where the Inca Trail to Machupicchu begins and this will also depend on the tour you choose.

Where does the Classic or Traditional Inca Trail begin?

The Classic or Traditional Inca Trail is a tour that lasts 4 days and 3 nights, enough time to get out of the routine and integrate with the magic of nature. When the day has arrived to start with the Classic or Traditional Inca Trail trekking, our staff will pick you up from your hotel at 5:00 a.m. heading to kilometer 82 of the railway that leads to Machupicchu, the approximate time will be 2 hours and 30 minutes from the city of Cusco.

The starting point of the hike is the town of Piscacucho, where there is an administrative office of the Peruvian state called Sernamp to control access to the Inca Trail.

Pasajeros inkayni disfrutando del Camino Inca a Machupicchu

Pasajeros inkayni disfrutando del Camino Inca a Machupicchu



The starting point for the adventure will be at Kilometer 82 in the community of Piscacucho. We will start the hike after having eaten the necessary food for the first day of trekking. The level of activity for day 1 is relatively easy, the trail is quite flat and you will be able to appreciate the geographic variation. You will also be able to see some archaeological centers such as Kanabamba and Pallacta.

The trail will have a distance of approximately 12km / 7.45 miles to Wayllabamba, where the whole team will spend the night. But, before reaching the campsite, there will be some stops such as the Taray Village at approximately 1:30 p.m. to have lunch and continue with the hike until arriving to Wayllabamba.


The next day, the activities will start very early having a nutritious breakfast to recharge energy for the rest of the day, because this day we will climb to the highest point of the trek, the Warmihuañusca pass at 4,200 meters above sea level.

The level of activity for the second day will be moderate to difficult, so it is important to have a good physical performance. The hiking time from Wayllabamba to the next camp “Tres Piedras” will take 1 hour and 30 minutes approximately, here the whole team will rest and smooth out to start descending to Pacaymayu, where we will spend the second night.


The day will start very early, we will have breakfast and start a descent of 45 to 50 minutes towards the Archaeological Center of Runturakay.
The next descent will also be 45 minutes and will take us to the second highest pass of the Inca Trail 4 days, Runkurakay (3950m or 12959 ft).
Third stop will be the archaeological site of Sayacmarca.

Afterwards, we will arrive at the Chaquicocha site where we will have lunch.
Then, from here onwards towards Phuyupatamarca, we will enter a high zone of the Andean cloud forest. Here the trail continues in a narrow Andean foothills until we reach the Phuyupatamarca pass. From here it is possible to appreciate the Sacred Valley and numerous mountain peaks. As well as our final destination: Machu Picchu.

We continue descending until we reach Wiñayhuayna, it will be the last night camping, because the next day we will visit Machupicchu.


The last day we will also start very early and the team will go to the Intipunku or Sun Gate, to enter the citadel of Machupicchu.

The level of activity is easy, the trail is easier and will take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour walking. The time to visit the citadel of Machupicchu is between 3 hours and 30 minutes to 4 hours.

Where does the Short Inca Trail start?

The Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu starts at kilometer 104 of the Ollantaytambo – Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu village) railway. The only way to access is currently through one of the train companies that go to Machu Picchu (Peru Rail or Inca Rail).

The Inca Trail to Machupicchu Short has a duration of 2 days and one night, this tour is an excellent option for travelers who are not used to making big and intense treks, but want to get out of their comfort zone, or for people who have more activities to do in their plans.

The distance the tour will take is approximately 10 km / 6.3 miles and the highest point for this tour will be 2,730 meters above sea level. The level of activity is moderate. In this tour, there is the possibility that minors can hike the Inca Trail, with the prior authorization and responsibility of a responsible adult.

Departures for this tour can be daily with a minimum of 2 people. The most important thing to remember is that you must reserve the Inca Trail ‘Capac ñan’ 5 to 4 months in advance.

Inca trail to Machupicchu│Inkayni Peru Tours


Distance traveled – 10km / 6.21 miles
Starting elevation – 3350 m. / 10990 ft
Maximum Elevation – 2730 m. / 8956 ft
Difficulty: Moderate


Starting Elevation – 2050 m. / 6561 ft
Maximum Elevation – 2400 m. / 7873 ft
Difficulty: Easy



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