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We seek as many positive adjectives as possible for our staff. These porters are kind, sincere, and joyous individuals with enormous hearts who will receive you in each campsite with big smiles, as if you are being welcomed by family members. These are men that come from communities high in the Andes, typically above 4,000m (above 13,000ft), where Quechua is the dominant language.

These men are the ones in charge of making this experience possible. They carry all of the food, equipment, supplies and are also available to support you whenever necessary. These Supermen or heroes must depart from each campsite after our hikers leave and also arrive to the next site before our hikers in order to prepare the next meal and ready the tents at each site. Our cooks and porters are the principle force sustaining all of our expeditions.

nkayni Peru Tours works each day in order to offer the best facilities and optimum conditions of work such as




As a responsible tour agency, we pay our porters a salary of 210 Soles for the 4-day trek AND their transportation expenses (nearly 20% above the legal minimum salary, making Inkayni one of the best trekking agencies in Cusco).

Ideally, all agencies in Cusco should pay this amount, yet sadly, to this day there are many agencies not even paying the minimum legal salary.


Within the basic policies of Inkayni Peru Tours is respect for all staff, which means not exceeding weight limits.

This factor is extremely important when choosing a travel agency for trekking.

Unfortunately there are many irresponsible companies (even big-name commercial companies that have often grown due to labor exploitation) that force porters to carry well over 25 kg and disrespect their rights.

For this reason, Inkayni Peru tours will not offer you a private bathroom, hot showers, or personal porter that will carry more than 5kg. This may exceed weight limits for our porters.

We kindly ask that before you choose a company for your trek that offers you these luxury services that you consider the extra weight that will be on the shoulders of your porters.


Inkayni Peru Tours is one of few companies that offers insurance for our porters.


Inkayni Peru Tours offers proper attire for all our staff.

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