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South Valley, a different way to see Cusco

One of the tourist attractions in Cusco, besides the Sacred Valley, is the South Valley. The South Valley tour allows you to visit a part of Cusco that is full of surprises. It shows a mixture of colonial, Inca and Pre Inca sites of more than 800 years of the history of Cusco.

Restos de ofrenda halladas en una excavación de investigación por el Ministerio de cultura Cusco en Pikillacta en el 2019

Archeological remains of offerings found in an excavation conducted by the Cusco Culture Ministry in Pikillacta in 2019.


Inkayni Peru Tours recommends doing the South Valley tour and benefit from the quietness and exclusiveness of the area. Since it is not that frequented,  you can enjoy the tour a bit more having time for perfect pictures and spending more time in each site. You will enjoy to see Cusco in a different way. This tour consists on an approximately 5 hours of visiting amazing sites.

What places will you visit?

During the South Valley tour, you will have the opportunity to see wonderful places like colonial Temples, Huasao, Archeological site of Tipon, Pikillaqta, and the farthest place in the tour Andahuaylillas. Each site is waiting for you with wide open arms. Don’t wait any longer and book now with us Inkayni Peru Tours. We promise the best adventure ever!


Archeological Complex of Tipon has a lot of interesting things to discover. There are fantastic Inca constructions that captivate anyone’s eyes.

Tipon is the first site that you will visit during the South Valley Tour. It is located  23 km from Cusco and 2 km from Oropesa main bus stop, in the province of Quispicanchis, Cusco.  On the route to Archeological Complex of Tipon, you will see these 2 towns Saylla and Oropesa, but it is on the way back that you will visit them along with Lucre, Pikillaqta, Andahuaylillas as part of the Tour.

pón data de hace miles de años su desarrollo más impresionante se produjo hace 500 años

Tipon most impressive progress dates back to the 15th century.

The complex  covers 239 hectares and is located 22 kilometers southeast of Cusco near the town of Tipón. It consists of wide agricultural terraces irrigated by a network of water channels fed by a natural spring. Several surrounding ruins have been excavated, and many more are visible below the soil.

It was declared a National Archeological Park in 1984. Nowadays, it is part  of the Qhapaq Ñan route in Cusco.


Mysterious town, also known as the Wizard Town. Huasao will be the second place that you will visit as part of the tour. You will love visiting the town since it has unique narrow streets with colorful signs.

This town  is located 1 hour and a half from Cusco. The colorful signs and the name of the town has to do with the fact that there are many wizards and Altomisayoqs, people chosen by the Lightning God to intercede with the earth and the Incas gods.

Huasao, más conocido como Pueblo de Brujos

Huasao, also known as the Wizard Town.


Pikillaqta was a town of the Wari people, a culture that existed before the Incas. Wari was the center village and other cities like Pikillaqta were influenced by it. The people reached a high level of engineering, their cities were built under established urban planning patterns, its progress was used by other cultures and perfected by Inca architects. The site of Pikillaqta is part of the South Valley tour.

In January 2019, an important discovery of a Wari ceremonial offering was found. It consisted of six small idols, 24 silver-plated pieces representing warrior women, three complete anthropomorphic pieces, 107 pieces representing parts of human bodies manufactured in spondylus, among other objects.

El Ministerio de Cultura Cusco, logró este importante hallazgo en enero del 2019.

Culture Ministry of Cusco made an important finding in January 2019.

Are you interested in learning more about Pikillaqta? Visit our blog: Pikillaqta, an important town of the Wari Culture in Cusco, on Inkayni Peru Tours.

Pikillaqta, es un complejo arqueológico perteneciente a la Cultura Wari

Pikillaqta is an archeological site that belonged to Wari Culture.


Andahuaylillas is located in Quispicanchi province, Cusco, at an altitude of 3121 m.a.s.l. This small town is home to one of the best constructions in history time, well known as the “Sistine Chapel of America”, which according to the popular opinion is one of the most impressive and beautiful catholic churches in America.

You can find inside a Mudéjar-style painted ceiling (Mudéjar being an Iberian artistic style with moorish influence). The ceiling is a spectacular example of craftsmanship and use of kur-kur, a pre-Hispanic method of construction using cane, straw and mud. You will also visit this town as part of our South Valley Tour, which is a 5-hour tour. You will have enough time to enjoy each site; therefore, we recommend acclimatizing to the altitude before doing any tour.

La plaza de Andahuaylillas, está ubicado en la provincia de Quispicanchi, Cusco.

Andahuaylillas Main Square, located in Quispicanchi province, Cusco.

Tour rate:

The cost of South Valley Tour will vary according to the service you prefer. We have two options for you group service, US$ 15 to US$20 per person and private service, US$ 80 to US$100 based on group size.


If you want to visit Pikillaqta, don’t hesitate to contact or email us Inkayni Peru Tours. We are supported by hundreds of reviews on our different virtual platforms like TripAdvisor, TourRadar, GetYourGuide, etc.

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