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An unforgettable tour of the magical Number 7 streets of Cusco

On this blog we will take you on an unforgettable tour of the magical Number 7 streets of Cusco. Why did the Incas name some streets of the downtown area as Number 7? Would it be because this number had a special meaning? It seems so. 7 has been a sacred number to many and Cusco is not the exception.

Join us on this unforgettable tour of the magical Number 7 streets of Cusco!

Plaza de Armas del Cusco

Plaza de Armas of Cusco


The city of the Incas is located in southeastern Peru, in the Andes mountain range. It is called the navel of the earth.


Beautiful city of Cusco is located at an altitude of 3 399 m.s.n.m/ 11,151 ft  in southeastern Peru.


Cusco has two distinct seasons: 

Rainy season: It is from November to April. Since there is a lot of rain, we recommend bringing a raincoat or poncho.

Dry season: It is from May to October. Days are bright and sunny. But early mornings and late nights are colder. We recommend wearing warm clothes.

Best season to visit:

The best season to visit Cusco is during the dry season, from May to October, since there is less rain and the roads are safer. Most people prefer coming from June to August. This is because during these months many celebrations take place. You will enjoy a clear blue sky!

Number 7 was always present in the history:

Number 7 had become of great importance in the world history. For instance, we can mention the 7 deadly sins, 7 sacraments of the catholic church, 7 musical notes which very important for artists.

If we talk about our history, specifically to Andean Cosmovision, the K´uychi (Rainbow Mountain) has 7 colors like the Cusco flag. Culturally talking, we have the 7 old wonders and the 7 seven modern wonders of the world. Interesting, isn’t it? Now let’s talk about the number 7 streets of Cusco!

Number 7 streets of Cusco:

Siete Ventanas

According to history, there was a House of Studies that belonged to the Convent of San Agustin which was destroyed at some point. This house of studies had four large window and three small ones. From the number of windows the street takes its name. Nowadays, the name of the street doesn’t have any relation with the place since you can’t find seven windows anymore. What we know is that the street is still known as 7 ventanas, and is located on the corner of the end of Ruinas street and  Choquechaca, on the way to Recoleta.

Calle siete ventanas

Siete ventanas street

Siete Cuartones

It is said that when Don Diego de Vargas y Carbajal ordered the construction of a bridge of stones and lime on the side of the Huatanay River and to the side of the “Window of Seven Petitions” they stretched seven lengths of stone in the form of large boxes. From these structures the street took its name.

Siete cuartones street is near “Colegio Bolivariano de señoritas Educandas”, one of the oldest schools of Cusco. From Plaza de Armas of Cusco, it will take you 10 minutes approximately to get there.

Calle Siete Cuartones

Siete Cuartones street

Siete Culebras

Siete culebras street is located on the corner of beautiful Plaza Nazarenas, 5 minutes from Plaza de Armas of Cusco. Something interesting of this street is that up until now you can observe 7 pairs of snakes carved in high relief. It is a perfect place to take pictures.

Calle siete culebras

Siete culebras street

Siete Borreguitos

At present this street is known as Palacios street. The name refers to people passing by this steep street with cattle and beasts of burden. Even now from time to time, you can see some people in typical costumes walking with some llamas and little lambs. Don’t miss the opportunity to take some pictures with them.

Siete Mascarones

You can still walk through Siete Mascarones street. Located between Almudena street and Santiago parish church. It is said that in this street lived Don Mascareñas, a Spaniard, and his six children, who helped him in the task of melting pieces of bronze that were placed in the doors of the churches.

Siete Diablitos

It was the favorite street for lovers. Many said that the devil tempted lovers when they passed through the street and that they have a great chance to get pregnant. Although the street has lost its charm, it still gathers lots of couple who walk through it. From Plaza de Armas of Cusco, it will take you from 10 to 15 minutes to get there.

Calle siete culebras

Siete culebras street

Siete Angelitos

This street is named after the figures of 7 little angels who were painted on the roof of the house by the order Blas de Bobadilla, the owner. It is located near Carmen Alto street, San Blas, 15 minutes from Plaza de Armas of Cusco.

Calle siete angelitos

Siete angelitos street

There are many stories that Cusco is ready to share with you. Come and visit this magical city that will fascinate you from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. Inkayni Peru Tours will love to organize the best experience for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or through our online platforms:


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