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Temple of the Moon, temple of fertility

Templo of the Moon is a place where there was a spiritual conexion and energy with the female Moon Goddess. The Incas worshiped the Moon. It was a respected deity. This place is often visited for couples who want to have children.

Templo de la Luna o Templo de la fertilidad

Temple of the Moon or Temple of fertility


The famous “Temple of the Moon” is located near the archeological site of Sacsayhuaman, 30 minutes approximately from Plaza de Armas of Cusco.

How to get there:

Getting to to the temple of the Moon is very easy. We recommend taking the same route to get to Sacsayhuaman. You can walk, use public transportation or take a taxi. There is also the option of hiring the service of an authorized tour operator.

Note that not all agencies in Cusco are licensed tour operators. So always make sure they have all permits to operate any tour.


What you need to know about the Temple of the Moon?

This is the perfect place to connect yourself with nature, the universe and cosmos.

It is a big hill with two caves inside it. The caves contain alters and cracks in the walls that let in sunlight or more significantly moonlight that strikes the alters on certain nights.

Inkayni Peru Tours recommends visiting this magic place , which is part of one of our personalized packages. You are more than welcome to visit our website: www.inkayniperutours.com and check all the options we have designed for you. 

One of the packages that includes the Temple of the Moon is “The Magic of the Andes”, a cultural eleven-day tour. 

Temple of the Moon is often visited for couples who want to have babies. That is why many perform some rituals and give offerings to the Moon Goddess.

What can you find there?

Taking advantage of a natural fault that cut the stone in two, the Incas worked in a magic temple. Above the cave, a small opening makes the temple light up completely on full moon nights closer to the winter solstice.

The most important cave has a crack at the top, through which enters a thin ray of light that explodes on a cold stone table in Cuzco. Some say that before that rock room was covered with gold and that at nights of full moon the ricochet of the light was blinding. This camera features female characters. In addition, you can find some phallic shapes at the entrance of this archaeological site and here you will see the mysteries of the ancient Incas, carved in the rock in the form of snakes, pumas and condors: Trilogy of the Incas.

Explanada del Sacsayhuamán, aquí se realiza el Inti Raymi.

Sacsayhuaman esplanade where Inti Raymi is held.

What do people do when they visit the Temple of the Moon? 

  • The moon was a respected deity for the Incas. Nowadays, some people keep their traditions of rituals alive and perform some of them there.
  • This is a place for spiritual connection and encounter with the female energy of the Moon Goddess.
  • You can go on a picnic there. Bring fruits, drinks and snacks.
  • Temple of the Moon is included in the “Horseback riding – Outdoor Activity” of Inkayni Peru Tours.

What to bring?

  • Passport or any personal ID.
  • Take some cash with you.
  • Hat and sunscreen to prevent from sun damage.
  • Light clothes for the dry season.
  • Bring warm clothes. Nights are cold. 
  • Water to keep hydrated.
  • Dried fruits.
  • Have a camera with you.


Inkayni Peru Tours Family takes you to the Andes heart with the best and safest  service that only a passionate local tour operator can offer.



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