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Inkayni Peru Tours

Inkayni Peru Tours

Licensed Inca Trail Tour Operators

In Cusco, there are about 400 licensed Inca Trail Tour operators. They have the licenses that were issued by the Foreign Trade and Tourism entity. Unfortunately, not all the agencies are licensed to operate the Inca Trail trek. This license is issued each year. So any agency that wants to operate the Inca Trail has to apply or update its permits and any documentation needed to be authorized to the Inca Trail.

Inkayni Peru Tours is one of the licensed Inca trail Operators in Cusco. We guarantee a high quality service on this unique trail.

Camino Inca

Camino Inca

 Inca Trail

If you think of Cusco as your next dream destination and look forward to hiking the Inca Trail, you should book this trek with a licensed agency. Knowing which agencies are licensed to operate the Inca Trail can save you a bad time once you land in Cusco.

There is some truth to the saying, “you get what you pay for.” So don’t assume that if the agency has a wonderful website and the prices are low, you are getting the best deal. Read before you can and do some research in advance.

Why to book with us?

  • We are a local licensed Inca Trail Tour Operator.
  • Our guides are well-trained team, highly motivated and fully identified with our company and culture.
  • The company is devoted to the well-being of our porters giving them adequate equipment, reasonable wages, and health insurance.
  • The food is delicious and goes beyond expected; even though the lack of required amenities.
  • We have the best camping equipment (4-man tent only for 2 people, foam mattress)
  • No hidden prices.
  • You will be in small groups with a personalized service.
  • We are a eco-sustainable tourism company.
  • All our team works on local projects to help the education and lives of our remote community’s children.
  • And most important, we have been rated as one of the best Inca Trail tour operator. You can read the reviews we have on our platforms TourRadar, GetYourGuide, and Trip Advisor.

How can you book your Inca Trail trek?

We recommend booking the Inca Trail in advance. You can find a booking form on our website, make sure you fill in all the espaces required.

Then you will be requested to pay a 40% deposit. The deposit will be used to buy the Inca Trail permits and the train tickets, which are sold really fast.

If you have any question about the booking, you can send an email and make sure if the deposit went through. You can email us here: info@inkayniperutours.com

When can you pay the balance?

The remaining balance will be paid once you arrive in Cusco. You will have a briefing some time before you start the trek. On this day, you will also meet your guide and the rest of the people in your group.

You can pay with cash. If not possible, you can also use any credit or debit cards (there is transaction fee for using credit cards though).

Camino Inca, buena condición física

Inca Trail, good physical condition

What are the Inca Trail Tour Operators?

In the chart below, you can find the official list that includes all the Inca Trail Tour agencies that are authorized to operate this trek:

Licensed and Recommendable Inca Trail Tour Operators

How to contact them?

Inkayni Peru Tours www.inkayniperutours.com
Waman Adventures www. WamanAdventures.com
Enigma Adventure Tour Operator www.enigmaperu.com


Peru Treks www.perutreks.com
United Mice www.unitedmice.com


Llama Path www.llamapath.com


Wayki Trek www.waykitrek.net


Apumayo Expediciones www.apumayo.com


Condor Travel www.condortravel.com


Explorandes www.explorandes.com


Grandes Aventuras del Peru (GAP) www.gapadventures.com


SAS www.sastravelperu.com

Inkayni Note:

These agencies have all the permits required to operate the Inca Trail. You can choose the one that works best for you. You can visit their official website and get more information about each one of them:

List of the 2020 Licensed Inca Trail Tour Operators

    • Inkayni Peru Tours
    • Waman Adventures
    • Viajes Pacifico
    • Andean Lodges
    • Inka Trail Peru Treks
    • Machupicchu Terra
    • View Peru and Signatures
    • Manu Expeditions
    • Crossland Travel
    • Cusco Day Tours
    • Nc Travel
    • Lima Tours
    • Gatur Cusco
    • Cusco Ya
    • Travel &Healing
    • Panorama Internacional Travel Agency
    • Pachatusan Trek
    • Hane  Tours
    • Peru Conections SAC
    • Enigma Adventure Tour Operador
    • Peruvian Travel y Turismo
    • Pachatusantrek
    • Haku Travel
    • Machupicchu Reservations
    • Yanakilla Tours
    • Machupicchu Travel Peru
    • Epuerto Peru Travels
    • Dayhikesand Self Guided Tours Peru
    • Valencia Travel Cusco
    • Travel Group Peru S.A.
    • Cusco Jungle
    • Luceros Tour
    • Inversiones Tp Eirl
    • Welsat
    • Cusco Day Tours
    • Andean Pathways
    • Peru Cultural Journeys
    • Travex security
    • Expediciones Vilca
    • Andean Explorer´s Cusco
    • Peruvilca
    • Land of the Inkas Instinct
    • Pta Peru Travel y Adventures
    • Personal Travel
    • United Mice Tour Operator
    • Cusco Magico Viajes y Turismo
    • Zarahemla Tours
    • Centenario Travel Expeditions
    • Comfort Tours Peru
    • Inca Tekkers
    • Iandeantours
    • Guty Turism Travel
    • Pctours Cultura y Ecoaventura
    • Iandeantours
    • Qantu Travel
    • Export Tour
    • Ecotime Peru
    • Qosqoinkatour
    • Peru Tour Operator
    • Lacitedor Viajes y Turismo
    • Inkalive
    • Santu Tour Operador
    • Harmony Travel
    • Kcomer Ttica Tour
    • Go Machupicchu
    • Escala Peru
    • Ipt Tour Operator
    • Cusco Native
    • Phawari Peru
    • Eric Adventures

Inkayni Peru Tours is a family business initiative aimed at offering quality touring services based on international standards in tourism. Our work aims to practice sustainable tourism, to promote the responsible use of natural and cultural resources, and to focus on operations that improve the quality of life for local populations, strengthening their social, environmental, cultural and economic development. 

Our company is different in that we value the importance of revealing the truly historic, cultural and spiritual legacy left by our ancestors. We serve as the perfect bridge between the visitor and the Andean world with an excellent business image as well as an unbounded passion for our Andean heritage.



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