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Inkayni Peru Tours

Reasons to fall in love on a trip:

Since we are all travelers in the journey of life: we can not hide behind social tags nor we can define ourselves by means of superfluous tasks, we do not care whether we are going to fit well in a group of friends, or them in ours, we are all on the same frequency and we accept everything that binds us in without any filter.
When we travel we are more sensual: we’re with the senses to the limit, super-receptive to new experiences, we taste new foods, we breathe in new air, we go by whatever the new place has to offer. It is natural that, in such a state of relaxation, the spark of love flourishes.
Falling in love and travelling are two experiences that make us feel alive: they are two processes that take us to the present with the biggest explosion of adrenaline that we’ve never experienced. It is natural for two people to attract each other and get together.
Empathy becomes something more real and less abstract: In daily life, empathy sounds like a science fiction issue but the differences between different social contexts can dissolve that completely.
As we travel the conversations are more realistic: since we are strangers, we don’t have stories in common nor topics to gossip about, superfluous conversations last less and then they become philosophical talks. And nothing is more loving than getting lost for hours in an eternal conversation with someone you like.
Because a trip is the ideal scenario for falling in love: To such a point that we don’t know if we are in love with the sunset, lost in some architectural monument, or the mulled wine that we have just tried for the first time, we dared to dance as if no one was looking including the person in front of us. We are in love with all those ingredients! With the entire trip!
Because a love on the road is the best excuse to change your travel plans: And, if love ends just as it quickly started, you’ll always have the comfort of returning to your original plan.
Because the idea of going out with someone who lives on the other side of the planet fits perfectly: to meet and to fall in love with someone who lives somewhere around the planet is just extremely romantic.
Could it be the invisible red thread that connects two people in order to place them here? Because we already know that, in love, coincidences do not exist.
Because summer love memories inspire us for our whole life: Walking around and taking a beautiful tour to Machu Picchu, with the Salkantay Trek or the Inca Trail Tour together for the first time or spending an entire night playing say it with mimics, each one trying to learn each other’s body language. And those goodbyes full of kisses and tears, and a passion that ends just at its best! Love during travel moments are so good that anyone can become as addicted to them as to the very fact of traveling.


A girl from the united States who was traveling around Peru, met a guy from New Zealand, and when the time came to leave they said goodbye to each other and promised the impossible in order to get back together. Five years later, they got married and they now have a beautiful baby girl.
That other mexican guy who met a girl from Poland in Cusco during the tour to Machu Picchu, the whole time they were together, they lived it as if it were the last day of their lives, but when he decided to end the relationship, not for lack of interest nor for lack of affection, simply because both took different paths and appreciated the fact of having found each other and have lived so many adventures together.

Finding the love of your life does not depend on moving from one country to another, or living your whole life in the same place, those things can not be looked for, they just happen, and the best way to make it happen is by doing things you like. The right person will come up when you START DOING THE THINGS YOU LOVE, BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY!!!
Falling in love in the beautiful imperial city of Cusco which has infinite places to visit and things to do, due to the extensive history that it carries in tow, living in the city is diving into a magical place full of culture and contagious tradition, so beautiful and cozy at the same time, that you will surely feel just like being at home. Allow Inkayni Peru Tours to be your best host during your big adventure through the city, ensuring your safety and comfort at all times with our best professionals.

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