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Illustrious figures that appear on Peruvian Notes

When you get to Peru, you should carry local currency, which is Peruvian Soles, to pay for any additional expense. Each Peruvian Soles note shows a different illustrious figure. They were selected for their valuable contribution to the country.

Billetes peruanos en nuevos soles

Peruvian notes, Nuevos soles.

Peruvian monetary system has circulation of counterfeit of 5 types of notes that are  10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 Nuevos Soles. Each one of them has the face of an illustrious and historical Peruvian figure.

That is why, Inkayni Peru Tours wants to share information of each one of these figures that you will see when you start using Peruvian currency while traveling around this wonderful country. Let’s learn more about these figures! Welcome to our beautiful country!

Ten-Nuevos-Soles Note:

If you have a 10-Nuevos-Soles note, watch closely the image it has. It is the face of Jose Abelardo Quiñones Gonzales, a Military Aviator who was declared a Peruvian national hero in 1966. He was born on April 22, 1914, in the department of, Peru.

His greatest feat as a Peruvian was during the war against Ecuador in 1941. When his airplane was damaged by the enemy, he decided to give his life while attacking the Ecuadorian artillery battery. Instead of using the parachute and save his life, he died crashing the plane to the enemies. He was very helpful in showing Ecuador that Peru would not give up. José’s death showed Ecuador that they were pushing their soldiers to the limits. This may have been the reason Peru won.

As a recognition of what he did, every year on July 23, Peru commemorates the “Army Force Day”.

Billete de 10 nuevos soles

10 Nuevos Soles Note

20-Nuevos-Soles Notes:

The face that you will notice on a 20-Nuevos-Soles Note is the one of Raul Porras Barrenechea, lawyer, professor, historian, writer, diplomat and politician of great importance in the XX century in Perú and Latin America. He was born on March 23, 1987 in Pisco.

In addition, he was a professor of the San Marcos University, where he spent most of his years. He was also a member of the Peruvian embassy in Madrid during the government of Manuel Prado, but he resigned to some leadership positions since he didn’t agree to the government ideology.

Raul Porras Barrenechea died at 63. As we know he had devoted his life to his work and he didn’t have any children.

Billete d e20 nuevos soles

20-Nuevos-Soles Note, Raul Porras Barrenechea

50-Nuevos-Soles Note:

Pedro Abraham Valdelomar Pinto is the illustrious figure that appears on the 50-Nuevos-Soles Note. He was one of the first writers of the Peruvian contemporary Literature, together with Jose Maria Eguren and Cesar Vallejo.

  • This illustrious figure stood out for being an important Peruvian narrator, poet, journalist and storyteller. Although he died at 31, he left a great amount of his literary production such as:
  • El caballero Carmelo (First prize of the literary contest of the newspaper, “La Nación”, Lima, 1913)
  • Los ojos de Judas.
  • El vuelo de los cóndores.
  • El buque negro.
  • Yerba santa.
  • La paraca.
  • Hebaristo, el sauce que murió de amor.
Billete de 50 soles, Abraham Valdelomar Pinto

50-Nuevos-Soles Note, Abraham Valdelomar Pinto

100-Nuevos-Soles Note:

Another important figure of the Peruvian history is Jorge Basadre Grohmann. His face is shown on a 100-Nuevos-Soles Note. This figure was noted for being a prestigious political leader back then, always elegant.

Just like Raul Porras Barrenechea, Jorge Basadre Grohmann held prominent government positions. He had a son with Ayulo Lacroix and died at 77.

Billete de 100 nuevos soles, Jorge Basadre Grohmann

100-Nuevos-Soles Note, Jorge Basadre Grohmann

200-Nuevos-Soles Note:

On 200-Nuevos-Soles Note stands out the importance women have. You will see the face of Isabel Flores de Oliva also known as Santa Rosa de Lima. She was the first female Saint of América that was canonized by Pope Clemente X in 1671.

It is remarkable that Santa Rosa de Lima is Patron of the Peruvian National Police and Army Force. Isabel Flores de Oliva devoted her life to serve God at an early age. In addition, she was friend of San Martin de Porres. At age 31, she died.

Every year on August 30, people celebrate Santa Rosa de Lima Day. In many places around the country, people offer some gifts in honor to the saint. One of the most famous place is known as “Wishing well”.

Billete de 200 nuevos soles, Santa Rosa de Lima

200-Nuevos-Soles Note, Santa Rosa de Lima




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