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Inkayni Peru Tours

Hygiene guidelines in the Tourism Sector post COVID-19

Visiting new places post COVID19 won’t be unimaginable anymore. We can say so since policies for travelers are been added in the Tourism Sector. Below we share some guidelines and protocols that will be used in hotels, restaurants, agencies and other tourist sites.

We hope that soon social distancing, hand hygiene with an alcohol-based hand rub or washing them with soap and water, avoiding touching eyes, nose, and mouth will be left in the past.

En la nueva normalidad, el lavado de mano es importante

The new norm includes washing hands frequently

As you may have heard, the pandemic has affected diverse sectors that were the main source of income for the people in Cusco, Peru and the world in general. Many have to close their stores or reduce the staff. Although many struggle during these months, we manage to adapt to this new way of living and move on. However, it is important to be aware of the protocols and hygiene guidelines post COVID19 lockdown.

Hotel service Protocols:

Front desk or reception area:

  • The first physical contact with the guests is at the front desk of the hotel. That is why some measures need to be implemented. Among them, we will start with a faster check-in.
  • Guests will get an online form to fill in the details and an option to upload the required documents through phone only. Once submitted by the customer, documents and details will be available instantly to the front office manager on the system.
  • Interaction at reception with guests should be avoided as much as possible. Maintain a queue with 2 m distance between other guests. Standing space signs will be placed on the floor to maintain social distancing.
  • Daily cleaning with an option for the guest to opt out. In case deep or normal cleaning, housekeeping staff must wear masks before entering the room and during the cleaning process, guests should stay in the lobby near the room without touching anything.
  • Any items required (Water bottle/Toiletries/Medicine/Linen) should be given to guests while maintaining 1m distance & trays must be used to avoid hand contact.
  • Toiletries should be kept in the room 1 Kit per day. In case of consumables replenishment, guests should inform the property manager.
Hoteles cerca a la Plaza de Armas de Cusco

Hotels near Plaza de Armas of Cusco

Restaurant and food service protocols:

  • In order to minimize contact with customers, the staff will maintain a safe distance while handing goods and taking payment, minimize or eliminate handling of cash and eliminate at-the-door payment methods.
  • Owners will have to provide a safe place for customers to dispose of used sanitizing wipes and personal protective equipment.
  • Since there will be a restriction on the number of people on-site and where they are assigned to work, owners will have to limit the number of people working in one space at the same time.
  • Staff will be assigned to ensure customers are maintaining safe physical distances in congested areas like entrances/exits and check-outs.
  • There will be floor markings and barriers to manage traffic flow and physical distancing.
  • All employees and visitors must wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water before entering the workplace and after contact with surfaces others have touched.
  • Food Delivery is an excellent option for all those who want to be avoid the stress of going outside. When your food is delivered make sure to follow all the hygiene protocols.
Los mejores lugares para disfrutar de bueno platos cusqueños los encuentras en el centro histórico

The best places to try the most delicious dishes of Cusco are in the historic center

Tourist agencies Protocols:

  • Remote working has been the source of income for many people and will continue being the way tourist agencies operate. Tourist packages can be booked online. Agencies will constantly train the staff to provide high quality service.
  • In the case of agencies that have an office, they will operate following hygiene protocols. 
  • Since the tours will be reserved online, it is possible to pay them with credit cards. This way we can minimize contact with customers.
  • It will be up to you to decide which agency you will book your tours through. We recommend booking with one that follows all hygiene protocols required. You can visit our website and learn more about Inkayni Peru tours, a reliable tourist agency.

“I would rather own a little and see the world than own the world and see a little of it.” – Alexander Sattler

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