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Discover Pisac Market in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Mercado de Pisaq

Pisac Market

Pisac Market Location:

Pisac town is located in the Cusco region at an altitude of 2972 m.a.s.l. Pisac is the initial point of the sacred valley tour it is also known by its archeological park, its artisan fairs, and its Sunday masses.

The traditional Pisac Market is famous in the region for its colorful Sunday market when local communities come down from surrounding Andean villages to sell their wares including food, handwoven blankets, and shawls and other handicrafts.

If you are planning a visit to this lovely town and you want to hire the services of a tour operator make sure it has all the papers up-to-date needed to operate (Licenses submitted by DIRCETUR).

Why should you visit Pisac Market?

The Pisac Market is one of the most famous markets in the Cusco region, drawing many visitors to its famous Sunday market when indigenous Quechua communities from the surrounding highlands come to Pisac to sell their produce and stock up on supplies for the week.

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday a traditional fair takes place. It is famous for the diverse and colorful textiles and pottery that are offered there. 

If you want a more authentic and colorful experience, plan your trip to visit the market on a Sunday when the local Quechua communities set up shop on the main square. Dressed in their colorful clothing, they sit cross-legged with their wares laid out giving the market an authentic feel. 

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When is the best time to visit Pisac?

Inkayni Peru Tours recommends visiting Pisac during the dry season (From April to October). However, you have to consider that peak season in Cusco is from June to August when tours and accommodation are usually booked out well in advance. An ideal time to visit Cusco and the Sacred Valley is right before peak season in April and May or just after peak season in September or October before the rains begin. The weather is good during these periods and everywhere it is less crowded.  

Inkayni tip: It is better to visit the market early in the morning.

What makes Pisac a special town?

In Pisac market, you can browse and buy an incredible selection of souvenirs, clothes and decorative objects from the region including the beautiful weaving spun by hand. Pisac is also well known for its silver jewelry and has a few other good shopping options:

The handicrafts section:

The artisan section of the market is full of articles related to the Inca culture, it can be the ideal place to buy gifts and souvenirs. You will find:

  • Handwoven products of fine alpaca fiber.
  • Some unique pieces of jewelry.

Inkayni tip: In this market, it is allowed to haggle.

The food section:

You can find native and organic products:

  • Native potatoes
  •  Corn
  • “Rocoto”, a very spicy pepper species
  • Pacay, an “unusual” fruit, on the outside it looks like a huge pea, with a sweet, refreshing and delicious white fruit, which resembles a piece of cotton.

In this market, it is allowed to haggle.

Visiting days: 

Pisac market runs daily. During the week, Pisac is quiet, but you can wander the side streets and explore the workshops where artisans make ceramics, jewelry, and crafts from wood and stone. We recommend going on Sunday, you can have a more authentic and colorful experience since the local Quechua communities set up shop on the main square.


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Inkayni tips:

  • We recommend booking at least 2 or 3 days in advance. To do so, visit our website: Inkayni Peru Tours.
  • Don’t forget to carry your personal documents with you all the time.
  • Take some cash with you
  • Pack light

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