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Legend of Apu Qeccha, Livitaca, Cusco

Plaza de Livitaca en la provincia de Chumbivilcas, Cusco

Plaza of Livitaca in the province of Chumbivilcas, Cusco


Apu Qeccha is located in the district of Livitaca, in the province of Chumbivilcas, region of Cusco.


District of Livitaca is located at an altitude of 3.741 m.a.s.l.


Rainy season: From November to March

Dry season: From April to October 

Best season:

The best season to visit Apu Qeccha is during the dry season, from April to October since there is less rain and the roads are safer. Also, you will enjoy a clear blue sky. Days are sunny and warmer. However, since early morning and nights are colder, we recommend bringing warm clothes.

Apu Qeccha Legend, in Livitaca:

Legend tells us that long time ago, strange people arrive in Qeccha river, at one of the highest hills of the district of Livitaca in the province of Chumbivilcas, region of Cusco. That these people were different from the locals was obvious.

For instance, the color of their skin was white, they had beards and wore helmets and swords. It may seem that they were Spanish looking for gold and silver on the hills.

Spanish arrival:

Once the Spanish arrived in Qeccha hill, they settled camps made of stone. their main objective was to find gold in the hills, so they dug big tunnels. As time went by, they had found lots amounts of gold. But they weren’t satisfied and kept working harder and harder until they got to the heart of the hill. When they got to the core of the hill, they found a golden bull and hurt one of the horns by accident. Because this incident happened, they heard a voice that said, “Lloqsiychis kaymanta suwa runakuna” that translated into English it means “Get out of here thieves”. This command was heard over and over again. However, since they didn’t understand the language, they kept working. Apu Quecha got so mad because they were not only taking his gold, but also because they hadn’t asked for his permission performing ceremonial rituals. The Apu talked to them on their dreams and asked them to make an offering; otherwise, they would die squashed in the tunnel.

Disobedience of the Spanish:

Although the Apu Queccha had warned the Spanish, they just didn’t listen and ignored the command. Blinded by greed they kept working. The legend tells that when at one sunset all the Apus (gods) got together in the sacred mount Qora to discuss what should be done.


Apu Qeccha punishment:

During the reunion, Apu Qeccha complained about the Spanish response to the warnings. After Apus heard the matter, they decided that Apu Qeccha should confine them in the hills. As it was agreed, mother earth sent tremors and earthquakes to the place. The hill collapsed burying the ambitious strangers that were in the tunnels. Only the ones who were outside saved themselves.

Apu Qeccha at the present time:

At the present time, you can notice the presence of tunnels and stone camps that are abandoned in a rushed and abrupt way From that time and on, Apu Qeccha is respected and honored by the locals. Whenever they want to do something huge or important, they ask the Apu for permission. They have to make a payment to the earth.


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