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Peru is a mega diverse country, full of millenary wealth, incredible civilization that learned to tame its geography and live in harmony with its rivers, sun, rain, ocean, mountains and the cold dryness of its andes, adapting to their environment and surviving thanks to the gifts of Mother Earth.

Part of this ancient society still lives, today in every city, and can be seen through the customs of its people. A trip to Peru takes you back in time and allows you to rediscover the exciting lives of the Incas, Chancas, Chachapoyas, Mochicas and Waris, as well as their great works of art, their festivals, the roots of their social force and above all the energy of their people.

Experience Peru and discover a wealth of different worlds, all with their own individual landscapes, sounds, colors and tastes; traveling through time to ancient civilizations and sharing the great cultural heritage of the Peruvian people, a country of many destinations and unforgettable experiences.

Caral, the first civilization in the Americas; pre-Hispanic cultures; the Inca empire; the fusion between the Inca and Hispanic worlds; Peru and its Western, Asian and African influences; deserts, mountains, forests, the Amazon; the sea; flora, fauna and a wide variety of cultural expressions. Peru is all of this.



Color and tradition Many of the festivals, rituals and real lifestyles remain from pre-Columbian times, from traditional clothing to popular expressions of folk art, and belief systems to ways of working and even cooking, Peru is full of customs that maintain the legacy of its ancient cultures.


One trip is not enough to discover all the wonders of Peru. Here we highlight some magical places and experiences that should be lived and appreciated when you visit this country.

The heritage that has left ten thousand years of history of ancient civilizations and the fabulous Inca Empire in the territory of Peru, is very rich and abundant. Peru is one of the countries with the most historical and cultural heritage in the world, a fact that is confirmed by UNESCO through the many properties declared as World Heritage by this international organization. Throughout the territory, we find cities, monuments, cultural landscapes of enviable historical and cultural value and a biodiversity that can be appreciated in each of its protected natural areas.


According to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, some of the reasons that show Peru as a tourist destination with enormous potential are based on the following facts:

  • Peru is considered one of the seven main cultural centers in the world.
  • There are more than seventy archaeological sites considered for tourist use.
  • It is one of the twelve megadiverse countries (with 84 of the 117 living areas), where one can pass and contrast a desert with majestic mountains or with a lush jungle.
  • Peru has places suitable for mountain sports, as well as beaches for surfing.
  • It has an extraordinary and exquisite cuisine that has already made the leap to haute cuisine, with its rainbow of flavors to delight the most demanding palate.
  • It has a cultural diversity that is manifested in more than fifty native languages still in use, as well as thousands of dances and ancestral musical instruments that are seen and heard in large festivals and processions.
  • Peru has eleven places inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List: Río Abiseo National Park, Huascarán National Park, Chavín Archaeological Site, Chan Chan Archaeological Zone, Lima Historic Center, Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary, City of Cusco, Lines and geoglyphs of Nasca and Pampas de Jumana, Manu National Park, Historic Center of Arequipa and the island of Taquile in Lake Titicaca.

Tourism in the country provides excellent opportunities to contribute to poverty alleviation in remote areas, promoting sources of employment, businesses and opportunities for development. Ecotourism, in particular, is valuing landscape beauty and biodiversity, while giving priority to sustainability, appreciation of the environment and contributing to the challenges of climate change.

From the classrooms we can contribute to form a tourist culture from childhood implementing in the school programming activities that promote the knowledge and care of our natural and cultural heritage. They should also arouse the interest of students to know the tourist destinations of the country and promote the need for their participation in the promotion and protection of the tourist heritage.



Our guides are chosen for their experience and responsibility. They share their enthusiasm and knowledge.


Our vast experience of more than 10 years in the corporate tourism industry has allowed us to develop fixed tour packages.


In light of the communities where we were born and that saw us grow, laugh, and learn the wisdom of the Andes.


We respect local cultures, promote their traditions, lifestyles and heritage to our travelers and our logistic support team.


Our programs allow you to travel in a group or in private. When it comes to groups, we try to be small enough so that the quality.


We seek as many positive adjectives as possible for our staff. These porters are kind, sincere, and joyous individuals with enormous hearts who will receive you.


Andean food is old, most of it based on potatoes and local meat. But as the merger began after the Spanish conquest.


We are constantly monitoring the quality of our equipment from tents, sleeping bags and the full range of supplies we have in our warehouse.

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