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Peru has a great difference in temperatures depending on the area we visit, especially because of the height of the cities. Lima, which is located at sea level, has a temperate, humid, and gray climate almost throughout the year, as opposed to Cusco or Puno which are more than 3,500 Mts. high, where temperatures have high thermal amplitude. The rainy season extends from November to March, rainfall is moderate during the day, and severe flooding at least once in the season.

With regard to the height of certain areas such as Cusco, Puno, and Colca, it is advisable to take at least one day off on arrival and drink water, Mate, or Coca Tea. This will help your body acclimate, avoid symptoms of altitude sickness (dizziness, nausea, vomiting, feeling tired, drowsiness, low pressure), and be able to continue with the normal course of your program. It is also advisable for the same height, throughout the year whether winter or summer, to wear sunscreen factors greater than 50.


To travel through Peru on traditional itineraries, because of its varied climate it is suggested to wear clothes of different styles. On the one hand light clothes for the day, and warm clothes for the night. It is suggested to wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun and sunglasses.

Migration / Customs / Fees

Regardless of the city of origin and destination of your flight, it should be noted that the only airport in Peru that has a Department of Migration and Customs is Lima, so both one way and back, although your itinerary has a technical stopover in Lima, They must remove their luggage, go to migrations, pass through customs, and re-do the boarding procedure, so take time precautions when disembarking.

Airport fees, always bear in mind that although we indicate from the beginning of your trip the fees included in the cost of your ticket, there can always be new airport laws and they can be charged at destination.

Local Customs / Security

Peru is a very friendly country with tourists, in general the large tourist centers are adapted and used to receiving foreigners, so they will feel very comfortable and attended.


In Peru, the categorization of hotels is governed by stars, in this case we will find from Economic Category, Tourist, Superior Tourist, First, Superior First, Luxury, etc. It is important that you consider that each hotel has its special services that cannot be classified into a single category, so they can vary according to the cities visited. The hotels in the cities of the so-called interior of the country, are usually buildings of old houses, maintaining the aesthetics of the town, the design and the local decoration, which makes them different from that of the big cities. Hotels in Peru mix with the environment, know that you will find this situation when deciding your accommodation.


It should be borne in mind that the excursions in most inland cities are quite tiring and require some physical activity. Train to Machu Picchu, you will find 02 train companies that leave from Cusco or the intermediate stops that arrive at Machu Picchu (Poroy – Ollantaytambo), offer services of Expedition class, and also that of the «panoramic trains», known as «Vistadome», service with more amenities, and higher category, but it is important to clarify that not all services have acrylic windows on the ceiling. The same happens with the snack and drinks service on board, some are included, others are not. This is random when taking the service at destination. (in no case can be guaranteed with the reservation).

Exchange Rate

The currency in Peru is the Peruvian Sol. Throughout the country they accept this currency and US dollars, international credit cards and debit of recognized brands such as Visa or Mastercard. Keep in mind that in small inland towns and cities, many grocery stores or food restaurants often do not have terminals for CT payments. Also, another practical way to obtain SOLES, are the Exchange Bureaus and banks.


The electricity in Peru is 220, the most common plug socket is double with parallel legs. It is suggested to bring adapters if you have 110/220 electrical appliances, or transformers to use them.

Must be Carried
  • Beanie / Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Good shoes or comfortable footwear
  • Adapter and/or plug transforms
  • Personal medicines (what you take regularly for stomach pains, intestinal problems, allergies, headaches, pressure)



Our guides are chosen for their experience and responsibility. They share their enthusiasm and knowledge.


Our vast experience of more than 10 years in the corporate tourism industry has allowed us to develop fixed tour packages.


In light of the communities where we were born and that saw us grow, laugh, and learn the wisdom of the Andes.


We respect local cultures, promote their traditions, lifestyles and heritage to our travelers and our logistic support team.


Our programs allow you to travel in a group or in private. When it comes to groups, we try to be small enough so that the quality.


We seek as many positive adjectives as possible for our staff. These porters are kind, sincere, and joyous individuals with enormous hearts who will receive you.


Andean food is old, most of it based on potatoes and local meat. But as the merger began after the Spanish conquest.


We are constantly monitoring the quality of our equipment from tents, sleeping bags and the full range of supplies we have in our warehouse.

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