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Inkayni Peru Tours

Visit 55 tourist sites in Peru this 2020 for Free!

Peruvian government implemented the Legislative decree Nº 1507, in which they state that 55 archeological sites will offer free admission from July, 2020. These sites are administered by the Culture Ministry. This decree also includes 22 protected natural areas administered by SERNANP.

The move is designed to boost the country’s tourism industry, which is expected to lose $4 billion in 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak, according to Peru’s trade and tourism ministry.

Note that this free admission shall extend from July 1 to December 31, 2020.

Hermosa naturaleza del Parque Nacional del Manú

Beautiful landscapes in Manu National Park

“Machu Picchu, Wonder of the World”, is one of the places that you could visit for free in 2020

Good news! Starting on July 1, 2020 you will be able to visit “Machu Picchu, Wonder of the World” for free. Although you might have to follow sanitary protocols approved by the Health Ministry of Peru. Don’t wait too long and start getting ready for your next adventure.

Complejo arqueológico de Machu PicchuMachu Picchu archeological complex

Would you like to know what places you are allowed to visit for free during 2020?

Inkayni Peru Tours is eager to share the answer with you. Find below the information about the places that you can visit from July 1 to December 31, 2020 for free:

Archeological Sites:

  1. Chavin Archeological Site
  2. Nazca Lines and Geoglyphs 
  3. Chan Chan Archeological Complex 
  4. Sun and Moon temple Archeological Complex (Huacas del Sol y Luna)
  5. Kuelap Archeological Monument 
  6. Caral-Supe  Archeological Monument
  7. Machu Picchu Archeological Park
  8. Inca Trail Network
  9. Tipon-Cusco Archeological Park 
  10. Pikillacta-Cusco Archeological Park
  11. Ollantaytambo-Cusco Archeological Park 
  12. Pisac-Cusco Archeological Park 
  13. Chinchero-Cusco Archeological Park
  14. Moray – Cusco Archeological Park
  15. Saqsayhuaman-Cusco Archeological Park
  16. Qenqo-Cusco Archeological Site
  17. Puka Pukara-Cusco Archeological Site
  18. Tambomachay-Cusco Archeological Site
  19. Wari Archeological Site and Ayacucho Site Museum
  20.   Mateo Salado-Lima Archeological Complex
  21. Wizard templo (Huaca el Brujo) La Libertad Archeological Complex
  22. Jiménez Borja-Lima Archeological and Museum Site 
  23. Kotosh Monumental Complex: Manos Cruzadas Temple, Nichitos Temple, Blanco-Huánuco Temple
Camino Inca

Route to Machu Picchu

Museums and Monuments:

  1. Bruning National Archeological Museum 
  2. Sican National Museum
  3. Julio C. Tello-Paracas Site Museum
  4. Regional Museum of Junin, Amazon Loreto Museum
  5. Hipolito Unanue Historical Regional Museum
  6. Pachacamac Archeological Monument and Site Museum 
  7. Puruchuco Site Museum
  8. Cusco – Regional Site Museum
  9. “Manuel Chávez Ballón” – Cusco Site Museum
  10. “Augusto Soriano Infante”- Ancash Archeological Museum
  11. “Hipólito Unanue” Historical in Ayacucho
  12. Quinua-Ayacucho Site Museum
  13. “Daniel Hernández Murillo”- Regional Museum in Huancavelica
  14. “Adolfo Bermudez Jenkins” Regional Museum in Ica
  15. “Samuel Humberto Espinoza Lozano de Huaytará” Archeological Museum and Inka Palace in Huancavelica
  16. Junín (Chupaca) Regional Museum in Junín
  17. Loreto-Loreto Amazon Museum
  18. Monumental complex of Belen-Cajamarca Archeological and Ethnographic Museum
  19. National Museum of Peruvian Culture – Lima
  20. Sipan – Lambayeque Royal Tombs Museum
  21. Bruning –Lambayeque National Archeological Museum 
  22. San Martín Departamental Museum in San Martín
  23. Tacna Historical Regional Museum in Tacna
  24. Peañas-Tacna Site Museum
  25. Rajada-Lambayeque (Huaca) Temple Archeological Monument
  1. Tucume Route A and B-Lambayeque Archeological Monument
  2. Chotuna – Chornancap-Lambayeque Archeological Monument
  3. Aspero-Lima Archeological Monument
  4. Vichama-Lima Archeological Monument
  5. Pachacámac Archeological Monument and Lima Site Museum
  6. Caral-Supe Archeological Monument, World Heritage in Lima
  7. Sillustani-Puno Archeological Monument
  8. Huaca Ventarrón-Lambayeque Archeological Monument
  9. “Gilberto Tenorio Ruiz” Exhibition Hall in the Amazon
  10. Vicus City Hall Museum Golden room.
  11. Vicús City Hall Museum Golden room in Piura
  12. “Nuestra Señora de Asunción” Temple Museum in Juli-Puno
En el Museo Chavín, encontrarás  seres antropomorfos inmortalizados en las piedras

In Chavin Museum you will find anthropomorphic beings that were immortalised in stones

National Reserves:

  1. Tambopata National Reserve
  2. Manu National Park 
  3. Bahuaja Sonene National Park
  4. Pacaya Samiria National Reserve
  5. Islas Ballesta National Reserve
  6. Paracas National Reserve, among others.
Reserva Nacional de Manú

Manu National Park

Who can benefit from free admission?

The offer will apply to public service employees, children and pensioners between July and December. Don’t wait too long to benefit from this great opportunity  and start packing now!

Inkayni Tips:

  • Bring your personal documents with you all the time
  • Pack warm clothes for cold nights.
  • Wear sunscreen to prevent from sun damage
  • You will need to bring a hat for sunny days.
  • Drink water to keep hydrated.
  • Have a rain poncho with you. It can rain at any time during the day.
  • Buy comfortable shoes.

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