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Urubamba, Cusco main organic food producer

Urubamba is one of the 13 provinces of Cusco and is the main organic food producer. It possesses organic farms.

Mejor temporada para visitar Urubamba es en la temporada de secas.

Best time to visit Urubamba is during the dry season.

Nowadays, Urubamba is the administrative and commercial center of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. When you visit the town, you will notice the charming restaurants and tourist attractions that captivate your eyes. The main economic activity is tourism.


It is located near the Urubamba River under the snow-capped mountain Chicón. Located one hour (67 km) from Cusco, Urubamba is the largest town in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. It is also located near a number of significant ruins of the Inca Empire, including Machu Picchu.


Urubamba is at an altitude of 2 687 m.a.s.l.


Rainy season: From November to April

Dry season: From April to October

Best season:

Something positive about the province of Urubamba is that you can visit the town any time during the year since the weather remains almost the same the whole year round. However, the high season is from April to October because of the clear sky and the colorful lands. It is also time for the harvest. You will be able to try the popular big corn from the Sacred Valley.

EL encanto de Urubamba se nota en lugares su gente , su historia.

Urubamba charm can be reflected on its people face, history and colorful lands.

What makes Urubamba a special town?:

Thanks to its perfect location, Urubamba is one of the most productive places in Peru. Giant white maize or corn is from Urubamba. People also plant native fruits like “pacay”, “capulí”, peaches, quince and sweet strawberries; many of which come from organic farms. 

Why should you visit Urubamba?:

Mainly, to appreciate and taste the organic food you can find in the area. You can taste and feel the difference, so it seemed obvious. Farmers deep connection with Pachamama (Mother Earth) and their action in living the Quechua concept of Ayni (a healthy, balanced reciprocity with all living things) are what powered them through over a decade of struggle. They banded together in working with the land in a changing climate while balancing the responsibilities of household chores such as cleaning, cooking and childcare.

What can you see in Urubamba?

In Urubamba you can see:

  • La casa de Martín Pio Concha:

It is already restored, is a true example of colonial civil architecture.

  • St James apostle church (Iglesia de Santiago Apóstol):

It is located in Plaza de Armas of Urubamba. Built between 1649 and 1686 with beautiful houses of colonial art.

  • Plaza de Armas of Urubamba:

Framed by huge trees of Pisonay and a beautiful colonial church with twin towers. You will find dozens of moto-taxis buzzing around the square to get passengers. One of the places that you must visit is the beautiful house-workshop of Pablo Seminario. The capricious work of this famous ceramist with pre-Columbian motifs is famous and sold throughout Peru.

Plaza de Armas de Urubamba, principal atractivo del lugar

Plaza de Armas of Urubamba – Main tourist attractions of the town

  • Yucay town:

It is a quiet and pleasant town with one of the best climates of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, besides possessing beautiful and lush landscapes. It is the land that the Spaniards gave to the traitorous Sayri Tupac.

The village of Yucay has some of the best agricultural terraces of Inca period. These platforms are located on the slopes of the mountains surrounding the village.

Pueblo de Yucay

Yucay town

What can you do in Urubamba?

You can visit the most emblematic and important sites of the town. Also you can do a tour of the most outstanding districts: Moray and Salt mines of Maras.

How to get to Urubamba?

  1. From Plazoleta Santiago:
  • You have to take the buses that depart from Plazoleta Santiago. It may cost S/.8.00 soles roundtrip approximately. The ride is 2 hours.

2. From Puputi street:

  • Take the minivan on Puputi street in Cusco. The cars pass through the town of Pisac and Calca. The trip takes approximately 2 hours and cost S/. 12 soles roundtrip.

3. From Pavitos street:

  • Board the small buses on Pavitos street in Cusco. It may cost S/. 20 soles roundtrip.

4. With a tourist agency:

  • Inkayni Peru Tours offers you different packages to visit Urubamba as well as many important places and to enjoy a Full Day of Agritourism in Chichubamba. You only have to contact us and we will make sure everything goes as planned. We can personalize your trip, just let us know what you would love to visit.

What to bring:

  • Sun hat
  • Bring your personal documents
  • Sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 35 or higher
  • Waterproof jacket/rain poncho
  • Water
  • Camera and film


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