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San Francisco of Asis in Cusco

One of Cuzco’s most popular plazas and one with much culture and tradition is the Plaza San Francisco. It is three blocks from the Plaza de Armas. It is located on Santa Clara, Granada, and Tordo streets.

Rebuilt in the government of Dr. Daniel Estrada Perez major. It is 136 m long and 53 m wide.

Surrounding Plaza San Francisco, you can appreciate the house of a well-known Peruvian Writer Clorinda Matto de Turner, the Historic Ciencia public school, The Arch of Santa Clara, and the San Francisco de Asis church.

Plaza San Francisco de Asís del Cusco

Plaza San Francisco de Asis

Inkayni additional information:

The Plaza San Francisco has experienced many changes to look the way it does nowadays.

In the Inca’s time, this plaza was part of Huacaypata, the main Plaza Inca. With the Spanish arrival, more buildings that separated Plaza de Armas and Plaza de Tlanguis (known today as Plaza Regocijo and Plazoleta Espinar) and the group of houses that today is known as Hotel de Turistas del Cusco were built.

Plaza San Francisco de Asís de Cusco

Plaza San Francisco de Asis seen from Ciencias National School

The San Francisco de Asis church:

The Franciscan Order was founded by Saint Francis native from Assisi in present-day Italy. Franciscans arrived in Cusco by the first years of the conquest and were located in the San Blas district, later in the Nazarenas Square, and finally in their present-day location over the San Francisco Square toward 1549.

It was in 1572 when Francisco de Toledo viceroy ordered San Francisco de Asis church was built. It is not known who the architect that designed the present-time building was; however, it is known that Francisco Dominguez Chavez y Arellano, an architect from Cusco who worked as the chief mason finished it.

What happened in time with Plaza San Francisco?

It became a stage for exchanges and sales. A market appeared each Saturday. One could see people selling bread, ceramics, or exchanging goods from the jungle or coast. In the seventies, you could find many cars here that took you to the nearer towns.

This created some chaos and made the place looked a mess. That is why in 1990 some improvements were made to beautify the Plaza.

The market was transferred a couple of blocks away to the San Pedro market. Nowadays, together with the church, Plaza San Francisco has become a charming and attractive place where many people enjoy spending hours. The charming environment and the fresh air that emanates from Cuzco’s native flowers and trees make this place magic. 

Plaza de San Francisco de Asís del Cusco- Casa de Clorinda Matto de Turner

Plaza de San Francisco de Asis in Cusco- Clorinda Matto de Turner’s house

What else can you see in Plaza de San Francisco de Asis?

In the nineties, the municipality made the plaza a kind of botanical garden to grow and display the most representative Andean flora of the region, such as “Qantu” and “Q´euña” among others.

There is also a nice fountain that you will love watching while sitting on a bench with a good book to read.

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