What is the right trek for me?
I am ready to reserve my expedition! What do I need to do?
¿Are the departure dates guaranteed. ¿Is there a minimum for group bookings?
¿Do I need to be physically fit or prepare prior to making any of your treks?
How is the wheater in Peru?
Do I need vaccinations to visit Peru?
Why do I need to send a deposit?
How may I pay my deposit ?
How can I pay my final balance ?


With How Much Time In Advance Should I Book My Inka Trail?
What happens with the payment, do you need a deposit?
Is the trek difficult? Do I need to be in good physical condition?
Is there a maximum or minimum age limit for inka trail?
Are vegetarian, vegan, and/or other special diet needs available?
I have a food allergy. May I still participate?
When must I arrive in cusco or arrive to your office?
Are hiking sticks or poles necessary?
Where can I store my baggage that I dont need for the inka trail?
Should I hire an additional porter?
How does Inkayni Peru Tours care for the porters?
What is the weather like during the trek?
Are there bathrooms on the Inka Trail?
What is the potable water situation along the trail?
If I am traveling alone may I have my own tent ?
Is it guaranteed that we camp at Wiñaywayna on the third night of the Inka Trail ?
Where do I have to be the morning of the start of my trek and where will I finish at the end?
I wish to have a train company or train option different to that which Inkayni Peru Tours offers, is this possible?

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